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Pittsburgh, PA


I was asked one time if photography was just a hobby or way of life for me --- oh that's so easy , it's a way of life , I am so energized through my pictures , it's spiritual, peaceful, uplifting - it's in my soul ... I am thankful , so very thankful and blessed ... I pray that others find their "photography" their peace to live and share with others ... when I say "photography" I am saying "gift" that fulfills one's life and spirit so they can share God's love with others ...

My photography journey began 40 years ago with an old Brownie camera. I am still learning and experiencing wonderful beauty and excitement to share through my photographs. I am thankful and so very blessed with this ability and look forward to sharing God's beauty with many of you through this site.

I grew up in Beaver Falls, a small steel mill town in southwestern Pennsylvania where I desired to do more in photography. I started working in a photo store to earn enough to buy my first 35 mm camera so I could shoot high school sports. I then went on to get a Photography degree at Edinboro University of Pennsylvania. While in high school and college I learned graphic arts and design, as well as, sculpture, painting and public relations. I loved doing sports photography and was fortunate enough to take some great shots of old Steelers, Pirates and Penguins.

As I am getting older my interest has changed to photographing nature, flowers, animals, birds, butterflies, sunrises and sunsets, as these are all part of God's beauty for us to enjoy and share.

* Please contact me if you have any special requests. I am able to put together special groupings of certain subjects, what ever you wish.

* I am also available for personal portrait sittings, engagements, weddings, senior pictures and family portraits.

I hope to hear from you.
GOoD blessings always,


Blessings Above by Jay Nodianos


A Peacefall Path by Jay Nodianos


Fall In Love by Jay Nodianos


Fall In Love Again by Jay Nodianos


Burning and Smoke by Jay Nodianos


A Straw House by Jay Nodianos


A Purrrrfect Autumn Day by Jay Nodianos


Autumn Neighbors by Jay Nodianos


Hmmmmm by Jay Nodianos


Buctober 2 by Jay Nodianos


Autumn's Beautiful Beginning by Jay Nodianos


A Wonderful Adventure by Jay Nodianos


Kids by Jay Nodianos


An Oak Ridge Sunset by Jay Nodianos


The Smokies by Jay Nodianos


More Love by Jay Nodianos


Sun by Jay Nodianos



Orange by Jay Nodianos


Is It Spring Yet by Jay Nodianos


Daffy by Jay Nodianos


March 19th by Jay Nodianos


Soaring Sunrise 1 by Jay Nodianos


Soaring Sunrise 2 by Jay Nodianos


Soaring Sunrise 3 by Jay Nodianos


Trees and Clouds by Jay Nodianos